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About Me.

My name is Philip. I am a full-stack software engineer based out of Toronto, ON Canada. I’ve been creating websites since 2016, and still create websites today. When I was studying Software Engineering in college, I found a deep interest in web and web application development. To me, it was the perfect mix between solving problems logically and applying a bit of art design. Since then, I’ve always been learning about different ways to build my projects and make them both useable and aesthetic.

Currently, I am searching for new full-time frontend or full-stack software engineering opportunities. My current tech stack consists of: React/Next, Node, Express, MongoDB/PostgreSQL. I primarily code in JavaScript, since the frameworks mentioned above use it. However, I do have experience with more object-oriented programming languages like Java and C#. As an added bonus, I do have a bit of knowledge on UI/UX Design (as you can see from my site :))

When I’m not coding, I enjoy working out, watching anime and doing photography.

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